Saturday, June 5, 2010

Lasagna, cherry crumble pie and nagasari

Salam, today Syaiful order 2 trays of lasagna extra hot for his bbq gathering with his ex-schoolmates. So like usual when he says that he want to order, I expect he pay for it but...well..I can just say that actually when he says that he order thats mean "can you do it for me FOC?".....hmm...what can I say? But I'm always more than willing do it for him. :)
Since today I bake lasagna for him....thats mean our lunch will be lasagna too and since Hb has to work and will be back only by dinner time, thats mean his dinner will be lasagna too....hahaha...but I did bake cherry crumble pie for dessert....actually I've been craving for these for quite a long time and only today I have the mood to bake one.

Make 'nagasari pisang' yesterday....


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