Friday, January 15, 2010

2nd lesson - Pandan chiffon cake

Salam blogger, last Wednesday on my 2nd baking lesson, we were taught on how to make a good chiffon cake. Actually for me, I've always thought that it is almost impossible for me to ever bake a chiffon cake after two failed attempt. I've even tried 'ready mix' from popular brand but never succeed as the cake would always turn into kuih bingka....hehehe.
After showing us the demo, we got to do it ourselves in a group of three and you know how kecoh was it bila dah bergotong royong ni...but it was fun even though I've just got to know them...:) After 'post mortem' by Cikgu Siti Mastura, my cake was so ugly with big air holes all over so are the others but not all though. So yesterday dengan semangat yang sangat berkobar-kobar, I pun buatlah sendiri and the result........... very first chiffon cake....but there's still have some small air hole though...other than that, it was sooo soft, fluffy and spongy....:) I've to practise more so my cake will be like cikgu's which is so fine and gebu but personally, I think for a first timer like me to achieve baking chiffon cake for the first time without any disaster was good enough....thanks Tuesday I'll bake again and bring it to class for your review.

**PS: My marble cake got a very good review from Cikgu.....:)

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Salam Nana..congrats dah berjaya buat chiffon cake..kak tak pandai lagi ..belajar di mana?


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