Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Hidangan Aidil Adha

Salam, it's been quite sometime that I've not post any entry here. Been quite busy lately :). First and foremost I would like to wish all my muslim friends a very belated "Aidil Adha"...hehehe.
For Aidil Adha ,I would normally prepared a rice dish. Be it nasi minyak, nasi bryani, nasi jagung and etc, etc, etc. So this year I masak nasi tomato and the lauk2 were ayam kurma, daging kicap, udang cili and acar timun. I masak 5kg of beras basmati you...sebabnya my mak and mil masak ketupat..so I told them to masak lauk pauk lebih2 and I akan bawak nasi banyak2 for them. Out of 5kg of rice, I took one small pot for my own family and the rest were divided into two container for my two extended families with some lauk.

nasi tomato

ayam kurma

Daging kicap

udang cili


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