Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Buku resepi Chef Siti Masturah Alwi

Last sunday I bilang mr hubby yang that day was the last day of Mendaki Learning Festival at S'pore Expo and I also told him that my Cikgu, Chef Siti Masturah Alwi pun ada booth selling her book kat sana and mr hubby pun tanpa ragu2 pun ajak I and anak2 kesana. Faham betul dia dengan my passion.....:') I was so happy jumpa my Cikgu and got her to sign my recipe book and tak lupa I also sign-up for another 2 baking classes. Actually banyak orang kata belajar with Cikgu,  fee dia mahal tapi you'll get for what you are paying for and there's no secret hidden. All the tips, secrets and even how you want to sell or price your product she will share with you. Apa yang I tulis kat sini adalah my personal view saja..mungkin orang lain tak sama pendapat dengan I as this so subjective. So see you Cikgu....cant wait to attend your class...:')

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Ayu said...

Assalam kak N,
wah dah dapat buku chef Siti masturah ya....pasti recipe2 didalmnya semua best2 ya kak..
Kak N, nak tanya ni..kak N kenal Rosela Maarof ya.dia sama sekolah dgn kita time labrador dulu..i thought i saw your comments in her photos..

Nana (Sallina Abas) said...

Salam Ayu... A'ah kita kenal Rosela...dia kawan rapat masa sekolah menengah dulu. Ayu kenal dia ya?

Ayu said...

walkslm, yes kak, kita sama class in primary school..dulu kita tinggal pasir panjang road..heheh what a small world kan..


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