Monday, January 28, 2013

Daughter birthday

Yesterday was my daughter's birthday. Her 19th. So for her birthday I buatkan strawberry chocolate cupcakes with chocolate buttercream. Actually I thought of baking rainbow cupcakes tapi masa I try buat tu... my cupcakes macam tak naik gitu so I thought the culprit was the eggs so besoknya I pun belilah telur yg fresh and bigger too. So dengan berhati-hati I pun adunlah bahan-bahannya but this time I decided to bake strawberry chocolate instead of rainbow cupcakes. My 1st batch was quite dense and burned on the surface of the cakes. So I pun tertanya-tanya what happen to my oven? Then suddenly I remember that the other day when I baked kuih bakar kentang for the last 10 minutes tu I use grill untuk garingkan permukaan kuih tu and masa I bake my cupcakes I tak turn back the knob to normal baking... haizz.. no wonder my rainbow cupcakes tak menjadi sebab I grilled the instead of baking it. Dah tua betul I ni ya....

Since we all memang dah planned siang-siang nak go to my in laws place so I pun masaklah pulut kuning, rendang ayam, sambal goreng and sambal telur puyuh with fishball untuk bancaan sikit kat sana...

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